About Us

Lets back track about 17 years ago in the garage. We started making cornhole boards... without bags! Yes, I know what you're thinking it doesn't make much sense because you cant play the game with out cornhole bags but that's how it all started. We eventually saved up enough to purchase a small sewing machine to start sewing cornhole bags out of the kitchen. This was huge for us! We eventually got so busy that the entire house was filled with cornhole related products. If you walked into our house you would think we were going mad. 100 pound bins of corn everywhere, sewing machines on the kitchen & living room table, shelfs of fabric completely filling up the basement, the garage filled with saw dust and lumber, a dump truck outside filled with corn... I think you get the point, we were out of room. This is when we decided to move into our first facility! This was great we finally had the room we needed to start expanding the family cornhole business! We stayed there for about 5 years. It was a great 5 years but at this point we were again running out of space again! This is when we decided to put all of our eggs in one basket and shoot for the moon! We decided to purchase our own warehouse. Now this brings us to where we are now. We are a family of 10+ people working hard to make every customer happy. Our dream with CornholegamesUSA is to make it a house hold name around the united states! We want to do this because we want to show what a true American made product + a family owned business is capable of! Not only that but we truly do believe cornhole brings an entertainment like no other game does.